Bannière Dragon Atelier Alicanto
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  • Atelier Alicanto Volume 01
  • Atelier Alicanto Meulage 02
  • Atelier Alicanto Zinc 03
  • Atelier Alicanto Brasage 04
  • Atelier Alicanto Points Cardinaux 05
  • Atelier Alicanto Cuivre 06
  • Atelier Alicanto Martelage 07
  • Atelier Alicanto Laiton 08
  • Atelier Alicanto Découpe 09
  • Atelier Alicanto au Vent 10

Luxury custom weathervanes and sculptures by Atelier Alicanto

Atelier Alicanto specializes in metal craftsmanship. We design and hand-craft weathervanes or sculptures that will compliment your home.

The art of handmade...

Each design is carefully elaborated to reflect our client’s tastes and the individuality of each home.
Our creations are original, made exclusively on commission.

All our pieces are sculpted free-hand, without the use of a mold.
The process involves hammering sheets of copper, brass or zinc into shape.
A pattern is first cut-out, and the sheet hammered repeatedly and then soldered.

Authenticity of craftsmanship...

After several hours of meticulous crafting, the swell bodied weathervane finally takes form. It is then polished and varnished to preserve the sheen of the metal.

Whether you know precisely what you want or only have a fuzzy idea, Atelier Alicanto will create the perfect work of art for your needs.